5 Businesses That Can Take Advantage of Augmented Reality Like Never Before!

The development of Augmented Reality has transformed the way many businesses and their operational model. And now, this AR technology is now majorly applied towards marketing, service, educational, art, fashion, gaming and entertainment domains. The beauty of AR is how smoothly it combines real life situation with super-imposed pictures or animations using graphics or smell or sounds. With an improved interactivity in our smartphones today, AR re-invented ways to enhance user-experience by combining sounds and visuals around. In today’s post, we will discuss how Augmented Reality along with mobile app development can open many business opportunities.

Dicey which shirt looks better on you? Want to see how your renovated house will look like? Want to start a garden but not sure how plants will look like? It’s time to dig the technology of Augmented Reality. You can do all of these tasks by from the comfort of your home without having to make any physical changes. We now have a pool of AR & VR technology mobile applications that allows you to use this enhanced user-experience by invoking Augmented Reality. The mobile AR offers numerous opportunities that can take any business to next-level of success. A visually appealing application or super enthralling game is absolutely winning users towards your product and eventually sum up for the enormous revenues.

1. AR Fashion

With ever growing drive for all things new and fancy, fashion industry has quickly adopted AR & VR technologies. Augmented Reality can revolutionize how consumers interact and percise brands and products.

AR for in-store customers: Brick-and-mortar stores can stay on top with the use of Augmented Reality technology. Create touch points for walk-in customer by allowing customers a better experience with the brand. We’ve talked about our experiments with AR in fashion world on our website. Read how you can use AR in your fashion store here.

We’ve launched our iAR – 3D model decoration AR App for iOS. Stop by and share your thoughts?

2. AR Dating Apps

Dating apps are bridging technology with real life – and this bridge is Augmented Reality! Dating apps is one of the fastest growing business segments of the internet. This trend is so mobile in nature that everyday there are thousands and millions of people signing in and signing up while on the go. Augmented Reality helps add the unique selling proposition to your dating app.

3. AR Sports Apps

In the ever-evolving world, the fine line between science fiction and science fact is quickly blurring. Sports business is yet another industry that is influenced by this major AR & VR trend. Sports fans are passionate audience and appealing these audience with a right mix of utlility and convenience hits the right chord. With AR technology, you can now get all the statistics and see the throw trajectory and speed right from the stadium. The technology matches the ambitious sports audience.

4. AR Marketing

Augmented Reality opens a bundle of possiblilites for marketing. The main reason why marketing is now ruled by Augmented Reality is the newest breakthrough in shopping experiences. Coupled with powerful AI, marketing is more effective and ‘immediate’ than ever before. Within the ecommerce industry, the implications of AR is far and beyond our imagination. It’s time for you to delve deeper into the technology and pave ways you can capitalize your efforts.

5. Maps and Tourism

We’ve witnessed a number of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality startups fading away too soon than expected. However, those ventures now elaborated our vision and this allowed us to forward the technology to other industries. Using AR, tourism industry is blooming and improvised above our expectations. Maps are now combined with AR guides that take your city exploration experience to the next level. Muesems can also use AR technology to their advantage by brining information to real-life engaging interface.

Conclusion: The possiblilites of AR in any business is massive. In almost every industry, the application of AR and VR technologies can be used to its advantage. We’ve summed up five of the most promising ways you can integrate AR technologies into your business. Have some Augmented Reality startup idea already? You can reach out to us here. May be we could help you augment your project and set it up high.