Is IoT A Need-of-an-Hour For Your Business?

The new-age businesses are constantly on the lookout to be more financially fiscal and bag more bucks in the process. With the help of IoT, they are able to collect more information and improvise their business strategies. Since the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to bring any company into the future, the question pops up as whether you need to adopt IoT? How can you come along for the IoT ride? 

It is easy to consider only huge enterprises can benefit from IoT implementation. But, at this moment, businesses of small and mid-scales are employing IoT as a strategic plan to leverage benefits. The cost of implementation of IoT system and solutions is nearly less than half of what you might have expected. SMEs can start small by digitizing work sites, office spaces, manufacturing units, logistics, and shipment tracking. It’s easier than you ever thought. 

How IoT Can Help Different Businesses

1. Physical Store – Augment your work team

When your work team is provided with the extra information on how the products/services are perceived by the end-users, they can plan ahead of the next big move. Augmenting your team with IoT solution will not only give them insights but also help them understand customer behavior. For example, a sensor to measure space occupancy in the physical store can help a store manager to strategize his new launch where people visit and stay for a comparatively longer time.

2. Factories & Stock Management – Inventory control using IoT

Retailors, distributors and other companies are now using smart sensors to keep track of inventory and to automatically re-order when more products reach a certain buffer level. Using IoT, you can set an alert notification for your inventory management system. Reduce lost-in-transit packages by tracking the location data retrieved by IoT. Companies can even use IoT solution to decrease the damage caused by temperature-controlled items.

3. Agricultural projects – IoT initiatives

Agricultural uses of the IoT include sensors that monitor humidity levels. Various smart farming sensors can now be used with the help of IoT. Greenhouse automation can automatically adjust the conditions to match the given parameters. We’ve developed our Artifical Intelligent & Machine Learning integrated website theme Vizion AI for Agriculture. You can take a look and appreciate our team 😉

4. Health Care Services – IoT in devices

Can you imagine your smartwatch can be your first aid doctor? Yes with IoT in healthcare services, you can now be treated without heading to the nearest hospital for first-aid. Data collected from your smartwatch or fitness band, along with other devices such as photographs from your smartphone can be shared to a medical professional. Then, with the help of IoT, this medical professional can advise on the level of emergency. We’ve added the Health Care website theme as well in our portfolio. This is ideal for any health & care services.

5. Energy consumption – IoT solutions

Energy consumption here is classified as residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure. The heart of the IoT is data and with the help of IoT more, data can be retrieved to create smarter solutions. The thermostat commercials are the future with smart devices that monitors most variables like temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. Smart energy management systems can save a great percentage of energy and power consumption. Electricity consumption in the office can be monitored with the help of IoT devices.

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