The Ultimate Guide On How To Buy A Domain Name

Your website needs an attractive name and address. Whether you’re a newbie blogger, a startup entrepreneur, or an established business, having an online presence basically starts with getting a domain name that supports your website.

Here’s a quick start to buying a domain name. Fortunately, the domain registration isn’t a complex procedure anymore.

Following are the short steps to buy a domain:

1. Choose a reliable domain registrar (like Bluehost, Inmotion, Hostgator).
2. Run a domain name search.
3. Pick your suitable and best available option.
4. Confirm your order and complete the domain registration.
5. Verify the ownership of your newly made domain.

How To Register A Domain Name

There are various options when it comes to registering a domain name.

Option 1: Register a domain and hosting account

If you’re signing up for hosting with HostGator, there is a section where you can register your domain. Simply specify the domain you want to register on the order form, and they will include it in your order.

1. Choose your web hosting package.

2. On the next page, you’ll be able to register a new domain.

3. Enter your domain name, choose an extension, and HostGator will tell you if the domain is available.

4. Once you’ve found a domain you like that’s available you’ll complete your order by filling up details.

5. This includes billing information to proceed with the order.

6. Click on ‘Checkout now’ and you’ll be sent an email with the details of your newly created website domain address.

Option 2: Register a domain name without purchasing hosting

There are many domain name registrars you can select from, but we’re just sticking to the best we know. So this is for Hostgator. Consider you want to register your domain with Hostgator.

1. Go to the HostGator domain name registration tool.
2. Enter your desired domain name. The tool will show you if it’s available, along with the available domain name extensions.
3. Choose your desired domain combination and complete the checkout.

So, now you learned how to buy a domain and have your specific domain name registered, you’re one step closer to starting your digital journey. Good luck with your project!